The King's Lynn Literature Festivals and local schools

Guest writers at both Festivals are invited to visit local schools during the day on the Friday of the Festival weekend. Working with the class's English teacher, the writer might host a writing group, discuss their art or simply read passages of their work.

While there's a limit to what can be achieved in a one hour tutorial, all parties agree that it's

a worthwhile exercise. Local schools that benefit from this include: King Edward VII, Terrington St Clement High, Park High, Downham Academy, Swaffham Hamonds High, South Wootton Junior, Eastgate Primary and Springwood.

Yvvette Edwards at Terrington St Clement High School, 2017

Click the Thank You Mr Reid, right, to see North Wootton's poetry, following Christopher Reid's visit as part of the King's Lynn Poetry Festival 2012.

Below are some glowing reviews of writer Lindsay Clarke's visit to South Wootton Junior School, after his Fiction Festival visit, in 2011. Big thanks to Gracie, Lucy, Kate and Georgia