‍Poetry festival 2017 archive

‍Friday 22nd September 7.30pm

‍Martin Figura, Pascale Petit

‍Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

‍Saturday 23rd September 11.00am

‍Discussion, chaired by Professor John Lucas

‍Notwithstanding the Nobel Prize,

‍why has poetry become seen as an elitist art here and 

‍elsewhere in the world?

‍Saturday 23rd September 3.00pm

‍Adnan al-Sayegh 

‍with his translator, Stephen Watts

‍Jean Boase-Beier

‍Saturday 23rd September 8.00pm

‍Michelle Cahill, Robert Crawford, George Szirtes 

‍Sunday 24th September 11.00am

‍Penelope Shuttle, Sarah Day, Rosie Jackson

‍Sunday 24th September 3.00pm

‍Poetry and Jazz

‍Roger Garfitt will perform

‍In All My Holy Mountain

‍a celebration in poetry and jazz of the life of English 

‍novelist and poet, Mary Webb (1881-1927)